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The first issue of News & Comment summarized its ambitions: "We hope to produce several issues each month. Our goal is to summarize important news, and to report on significant activities of NAFFE and its members. News & Comment will appear in hard copy and electronically." It also appealed to member organizations: "But, we need your help. Tell us what kind of news you want included. Send us stories or comments. As time goes by, and with your help, we'll get better at producing News & Comment and it will become an important source of relevant information." Over three years, issues varied in their content and rhythm, but it covered all the bases: temp-work data, day-labor organizing, campus struggles, global labor initiatives. The publishing gradually petered out as emphasis and funding shifted.

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Our goal is to summarize important news and to report on significant activities of NAFFE and its members. News & Comment appears in hard copy and electronically (click on the links below). Each issue provides a round up of developments in areas of concern to NAFFE members, including sections on international and campus-based organizing, employment trends, and NAFFE resources.

April 28, 2005
The Pro-Immigrant National Week of Action; Arizona Initiatives; New Health-care Measures; Columbia & Yale Strikes; U. Minnesota Union Election; IdeaWatch on the "Multitude"; Labor Stirring in China; Profile of FAIR; MVP Challenges Gillette's Use of Temps; CAUT Conference; and New German Guestworkers.

March 17, 2005
Future of Labor Debate; Emerging Federal Strategy for Health Care; Ontario Farmworkers; Challenging Privatisation; Iowa Grads Win Contract; Chinese Wal-Mart Workers Can Unionize; Labor at the 5th World Social Forum; REAL ID Act; NDLON Fights Back; New Coordinating Committee Roles.

September 30, 2004
Solidarity with Mexican contingent faculty; Bush's "Ownership Society"; Germany rejects "flexible labor markets"; Changes at the Campaign in Contingent Work; UN Report on Outsourcing Prospects; Closing L-2 visa loopholes; More women in poverty; High technology job bust.

August 30, 2004
Lucent hungerstrike ends; COCAL VI (Chicago); day labor in Herndon, VA; NLRB on unions in academia; Republicans split on immigration reform; FLOC wins neutrality from NC growers; health coverage falls; increase in poverty rates.

May 28, 2004
Corporations eye health coverage; US media on jobs and EU enlargement; NDLON sues Glendale; Labor Ready and EEOC mediation; NYU adjuncts win first contract; new Forrester report on outsourcing; and SBC strike ends.

May 7, 2004
Update on the Bush administration's overtime initiatives; description of new NAFFE report ("Outsource This?: American Workers, the Jobs Deficit, and the Fair Globalization Solution"); Corporate wealth and wages; AAUP report on college costs; and employment trends updates.

March 31, 2004
Topics include the California grocery strike and its implications for labor; an update of immigration legislation; contigent academics' victory at CSU; the Wisconsin Living-Wage Bill; an update on Freehold, NJ; the Boston Social Forum.

February 13, 2004
Covers day laborer victory in Freehold, NJ; white-collar job retraining, 2004 elections and contingent work; immigration debate; outsourcing and international development; latest campus news and legislative updates.

January 15, 2004
This issue reviews the latest health coverage proposals, proposed immigration reforms, outsourcing, Campus Equity Week and developments in day-labor hiring halls

August 4, 2003
State of the economy; Labor Ready; the Verizon contract negotiations; call centers; contingent work developments in Japan, Micronesia, and the UK; the Day Labor Fairness and Protection Act; and the health care costs of the uninsured

March 31, 2003
State Budget Crises; Flexitime?; Economic Impact of the War; Assi Markets Boycott; Campus Action Group Declaration on the War; Outsourcing "White-Collar" Jobs; Stalling the EU Directive of Temps; Yale and UBC Strikes; and Chicago Community Colleges Organizing Win

Volume 2, January 31, 2003
Anti-labor initiatives in the US; Health Insurance Coverage Crisis; Strikes Erupt Across Europe; Challenges to Day Labor Centers; Telework Guidelines; Internet Wage Trends; Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor-California

October 31, 2002
AFL-CIO Appeals to the ILO; Boston Janitors' Strike Settled; UC Lecturers Strike; Organizing Borders & Wal-Mart; City of Seattle Permatemps Sue; Norwegian Union Acts on Behalf of US Workers' Right to Organize; Canada Fast-tracks Certain Immigrants; COCAL V & NDLON Conferences

September 25, 2002
Boston Janitors Strike; Part-Time Work Review; United Academics at UVM; Cal Clerical Workers Strike; Thai Unions Demand Cap on Contract Work; German Election; "Flexible Work" Up in Hong Kong; State of Working America; Day Labor in Europe; Non-union Workers Want Unions

July 31, 2002
UPS-Teamsters Agreement; Immigrants Organizing; Innovative Websites; Indian Call Centers; Pressures on Contingent Faculty; Navistar Strike Update; Health Care Workers in Calgary; Licenses for Home-based Work; Regularizing Part-time Work in Japan

July 17, 2002
Canada's Largest Ever Municipal Strike; Unemployment and Temp Industry Trends; Labor Ready Update; Welfare Reform Comment; Digital Disparities; "Trade NAFTA" Nurses; Milwaukee Workers; Rights Hearing; UAW to Represent NYU Adjuncts; Day Labor Round up

June 28, 2002
Tough Times for Union Organizing; Living Wage Campaigns; Philippines, First Nation-State Temp Agency?; CAW Prevents Scabs from Entering Navistar Plant; UAW Card Drive May Hinge on Temp Workers; Decline of Tenure Track Appointments on Campuses

June 14, 2002
UPS-The Sequel; KIWA defeats SLAPP suit; Day Labor Roundup; EU Report on Shortcomings of Temp Work; SEIU Local 254 Opens Major Contact Campaign for Janitors; IT's Giant Sucking Sound; Manpower's Loyalty Study

First Issue: May 29 2002
New Chicago Day Labor Ordinance; New Threats to Immigrant Workers; E-Procurement; NAFFE's sends a delegate to the ILO meeting;; Strikes in Italy, Nigeria, India and Denmark.

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